Poultry and zootechnical equipment made in Italy

Arion Fasoli is a family business that was born in the sector of production of equipment for poultry farming and has integrated over the years the trade of zootechnical accessories and equipment.

Thanks to the family management, the breeders have a direct relationship with our professionals, who offer continuous attention and assistance.

Give to your farm an extra boost with Arion Fasoli’s poultry and zootechnical equipment

We pay close attention to the quality/price ratio of our products and we work to ensure that safety and durability are the fundamental prerogatives of all our equipment on the market.

Our mission is to help and support farmers, especially poultry farmers, in their daily work by creating simple, practical and excellent quality accessories and equipment.

Attrezzature per allevamenti di polli da ingrasso, galline ovaiole, pulcini, anatre, oche e tacchini

Poultry Equipment

Products for raising chickens for fattening, laying hens, chicks, antares, geese and turkeys

Attrezzature per l'allevamento di suini, suinetti e scrofe

Pig farming equipment

Products for breeding pigs, piglets and sows

Attrezzature per l'allevamento di conigli

Rabbit breeding equipment

Products for rabbit breeding, to look after and streamline the management of rabbit breeding.


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