Egg hatching incubators with heating lamp and integrated thermostat

Incubators for artificial brooding designed to replicate the task of “mother hen” obtaining a high percentage of egg hatching.

We have 3 models of artificial incubator, which differ in the number of eggs they can house.

Thanks to the automatic regulation of temperature, humidity and ventilation, the eggs are in an ideal environment for the development of the embryo up to the birth of the chick.

A tilting tray simulates the movement that the hen makes with her legs while incubating the eggs to prevent the embryo from remaining attached to the inner wall of the shell, an event which would decree its premature death.

Each incubator is suitable for the artificial hatching of eggs of various sizes: hens, pheasants, quails, ducks, guinea fowls, partridges, turkeys and geese.

Discover the 3 egg incubator models available in the catalog

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