Anti-waste bowl drinker for pigs

Anti-waste tray for pigs made of stainless steel and complete with drinker with pin.

Available sizes:

  • for piglets from 8 to 30 kg: width 15cm – height 21cm – depth 9cm;
  • for pigs from 25 to 130 kg: width 19cm – height 27cm – depth 11cm;
  • for pigs from 50 to 250 kg: width 22cm – height 29cm – depth 15cm.
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Anti-waste bowl drinker for pigs.

Technical features:

  • The shape and size of the tray is based on the pig’s anatomy to minimize water waste;
  • Anti-cut edges with outward flap to avoid encrustations inside the tray;
  • Built in 10/10 stainless steel type Aisi 304;
  • Complete with automatic low pressure drinker (Item 902P8) and water hose;
  • Drinking trough operating pressure: Min 0.2 Bar (0.02 MPa) – Max 2.0 Bar (0.20 MPa);