Semiautomatic nest for laying hens 10 holes

Semi-automatic multiple metal nest 10 holes for laying hens

Automatic laying nest is designed exclusively for farming free-range or grazing laying hens. Used mainly in family farms, for the collection of eggs for domestic use or for door-to-door re-sale.

Easy to set up and can be adapted to different layouts inside the sheds, they also provide the hens with an ideal and comfortable environment for laying.

o be combined with manual or automatic feeders and waterers.

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The semi-automatic 10-hole nest with front collection has been designed to provide laying hens with the ideal environment for laying eggs. Thanks to the particular care with which it was built, the nest has no sharp parts that could harm the animals or the operator. Its compact dimensions make it well adaptable even in small farms.

The 10 holes that make up the nest are arranged on two superimposed planes; at the bottom of each hole a perforated plastic chute is positioned which allows the dirt to be evacuated from inside the nest.

Once laid, the egg rolls smoothly into the collection box, placed on the front or rear, through a sloped plastic chute. The egg is kept intact and clean while waiting for manual collection.

The front collection drawer is equipped with a door to evacuate dirt; both the plastic chute and the metal bottom can be easily removed for cleaning. Two perches are mounted on the nest, one above the egg covers of the egg collection drawers and one in the front part, the round section of the perches has been designed to adapt to the animal’s leg and to make perching safer and more comfortable, their surface is easy to clean and biologically safe.

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