Automatic bell drinker Arion I

Automatic belldrinker ideal for 50 broiler or 100 chicks. The drinker works both on the ground or suspended from the ground and is equipped with an automatic valve that regulates the water level It also supplied complete with a suspension cord, adjustment eyelets and hose guide.

Made of high quality plastic;
Easy to clean;
The valve has a 5 year warranty;
The drinker is designed to be used with a water pressure of 0.2-0.5 bar

Thanks to the Arion I automatic drinker, you will always have fresh and clean water for your poultry farm.

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Spare parts

Valvola di ricambio per abbeveratoi Arion I e II

Complete valve

Connettore a sella per abbeveratoi Arion I e II

Saddle connector

Connettore con rubinetto on/off per abbeveratoi Arion I e II

Connector with on/off tap

Additional information

Suitable for

Chickens, Chicks, Hens


50/60 chickens, 80/100 chicks

Dimensions cm. (L x W x H)

38cm x 38cm x 58cm

Diameter ø cm.