Hopper feeder with cusps NUTRA 5/6 Kg

NUTRA hopper feeder with cusps from 5 to 6 Kg + lid and central metal rod.

Plastic hopper feeder ideal for chicks and adult chickens. It is supported by a vertical rod and two plastic crosspieces. The rod is equipped with five holes that allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the plate. The adjustment takes place thanks to a split pin that fixes the cylinder at the desired height. A hole in the upper part of the rod allows to hang the feeder. Thanks to the anti-waste cusps it will be much easier to portion the feed and prevent it from being wasted in the coop. Complete with lid to protect the feed from dirt.

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Suitable for

Chickens, Chicks, Hens


5/6 kg


40 chickens, 40 hens, 80 chicks

Diameter ø cm.


Dimensions cm. (L x W x H)

36cm x 36cm x40cm