Mobile chicken house ASTRON 4 mt.

ASTRON mobile chicken coop of 4 meters in length, ideal for outdoor rearing of laying hens in both conventional and organic regimes.

Professional product to immediately start a small poultry farm on agricultural land.

The mobile chicken house was designed to avoid the long bureaucratic process otherwise necessary to start a small poultry business. ASTRON is equipped with all the best solutions to safeguard the health of the animals and to allow them to breed in the fastest and most effective way possible.


135 Laying hens in conventional farming
90 laying hens in organic farming

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Structure's features

  • Axial Light 2.0 mt
  • Wheelbase 2.0 mt
  • Lenght 4.0 mt
  • Height Under Eaves 2.0 mt
  • Covered area 15 mq
  • Sandwich Panel Thickness 40 mm

Perimeter Panels

Wall sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm. with high insulating power, formed by two external metal sheet and intermediate polyurethane foam. Complete with gaskets and fixing screws, the layout of the panels can be as shown in the photo or entirely customized with graphics and prints. Possibility to customize also the colors of the uprights.


Made from a 60×60mm galvanized tubular frame and insulated infill with 40mm thick pre-painted sandwich panels. Everything is fixed with stop profiles, complete with hinges and locking systems.

  • Hinged door 0.8mt x H 2.05mt
  • N°1 door 30X40cm with automatic opening


Made of stainless steel sheet with bottom opening for manure collection.


Made of 60×100 slat, fixed with 50×30 L-shaped galvanized iron guides with anti-percolation crossbar for manure removal.

Wheels and Eye

  • 2 tires and 4 parking feet 70×70.
  • Wheel eye E3 (customizable according to the type of engine used)


Fully automatic Lubing system for drinking, made up of a rigid plastic square section pipe on which high flow rate nipples are installed complete with drip cup. The entire line is supported by a 35mm diameter galvanized tube. complete with plastic supports.

The feeding in the head can be effected through a tank of feeding or a pressure reducer.

The entire pipe is placed above the heads of the animals so as not to hinder their passage and movement in any way.

The entire drinking line is easily washable.

  • 2 lines of 3.0 m with nipples every 20 cm.
  • Tank with 120 liter capacity.

Power supply

Channel system with three 3mt mangers with perches. This type of plant is the most used and effective rationed feeding system in the commercial livestock sector. Here are its advantages:

  • All subjects have sufficient space and feeders available, the animals can feed at the same time and grow uniformly;
  • It is very robust and the vigor of the animals does not create any problems for the plant;
  • It is easy to assemble, to use, to wash and requires minimal maintenance.


The internal light is guaranteed thanks to a 25 Watt Solar Panel (1 12V module) which powers 3 LED lamps. Everything is programmable with an external timer.