Rabbit cage for mares

Rabbit cage for 2 mares complete with two feeders, two drinkers, manure pans and plastic perches.

This cage is a familiar model but with industrial construction techniques. The Product guarantees maximum comfort for the rabbits about to give birth and for their puppies!

The same cage can also be used for fattening without the use of nests.

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Technical features:

  • In galvanized sheet metal with anti-cut edges;
  • 2 feeders with hay rack;
  • 2 bottle holder troughs;
  • Green plastic perches with small squares (mesh size 15 mm x 15 mm);
  • Galvanized sheet manure pan;
  • Stackable;
  • The cage can also be purchased without nests and these can also be installed in the future;
  • Supplied with side closures in galvanized sheet metal if the nests are not used;
  • If not used, it can be closed (therefore also convenient for transport);
  • Made in Italy product.

Additional information

Suitable for


Measure with nests (L x l x H)

155cm x 52cm x 77cm

Measure without nests (L x l x H)

103cm x 52cm x 77cm

Single hole size (L x l x H)

51,5cm x 52cm x 35cm


Galvanized sheet