Sow farrowing crate with piglet box

Farrowing pen for sows with plastic perches and stainless steel piglet boxes

The sow farrowing cage is essential to guarantee a trauma-free delivery to the sow. Built following the directive on animal welfare, it guarantees a gestational period without any effort to the future mother. Furthermore, thanks to the proven system, there is no risk of crushing for the piglets.

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  • Overall dimensions (L x l x H): 266cm x 160cm x 125cm;
  • Base structure in stainless steel and plastic perches;
  • Sides with stainless steel structure and PVC panels;
  • Front, rear and central structure in hot-dip galvanized tubular after machining;
  • Stainless steel piglet box;
  • Rear part for artificial insemination in stainless steel;
  • Anti-crushing system.