Egg Grader S121 (12.000 eggs/hour)

S121 professional and high-performance egg grader; the first step towards the world of automatic graders.
Immediate, easily exploitable, minimal maintenance and low energy consumption.
Entirely built in stainless steel, it guarantees many years of service with minimal maintenance.

  • Its capacity is just over 12,000 eggs/hour with loading by modular conveyor belt;
  • Complete with candling lamp;
  • Selection of up to 7 weight categories using 30 precision scales;
  • Adjustable guides for subdividing egg categories;
  • Power supply.

The S121 model is available in 4 different configurations, both with a standard conveyor belt and with a long conveyor belt.

Upon request, it can be supplied with a mechanical printing system, or with an electronic printer that allows a high degree of customization.

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12.000 eggs/hour


With LED lamp under the feed roller

Weight categories

7 using 30 precision scales

Power supply

230 V, Single phase, Three-phase, 400V