Egg Grader S31 XL (3.000 eggs/hour)

Egg grader S31XL ideal for small and medium-sized companies.
Entirely built in stainless steel, it guarantees many years of service with minimal maintenance.

  • Its capacity is just over 3000 eggs/hour with loading by modular conveyor belt;
  • Complete with candling lamp;
  • Selection of up to 7 weight categories using 6 precision scales;
  • Adjustable guides for subdividing egg categories;
  • Power supply.

The S31 XL model is available in 4 different configurations, both with a standard conveyor belt and with a long conveyor belt.

On request it can be supplied with a mechanical printing system.

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3.000 eggs/hour


With LED lamp under the feed roller

Weight categories

7 by means of 6 precision scales

Power supply

230 V, Single phase