Electric fence for poultry PoultryNet

The poultry net allows you to build a stable and safe fence for your poultry farm. It can be installed and disassembled very easily, and can be easily extended with other network modules, or with an electric fence gate.

Thanks to the quick installation, the net is particularly suitable for the rapid fencing of small areas or temporary pastures. Easily rolled up, it can be stored when not in use without taking up too much space.

The electrification, in addition to preventing the animals inside the fence from damaging the net, offers a high level of protection from predators.

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  • Extremely solid welded knots;
  • Reinforced top strand;
  • Very narrow handles at the bottom of the net;
  • Plastic stakes with galvanized tip;
  • Plastic wires guaranteed for 3 years against damage from UV rays
  • Available both electrifiable and not
  • Lenght: 50 mt
  • Height: 112 cm
  • N. stakes: 15
  • Double tip

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Suitable for

Chickens, Hens, Turkeys


50mt x 112cm