Fence for cages CINTOFLEX M

Light and resistant plastic fence

Resistant and flexible fence for cages
The exclusive production process of its threads offers the CINTOFLEX M fence the highest tensile strength and makes it long lasting over time. It is innovative, produced from 100% polypropylene it offers high tensile strength and high tear resistance.

Its light threads make it an inexpensive solution ideal for creating aviaries and enclosures for courtyard animals.

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Its light threads make it an inexpensive solution ideal for:

  • Creating aviaries for small birds and parrots
  • Build chicken runs
  • Fences for farm animals
  • Suitable also for fencing areas where lightness is needed


  • Produced from polypropylene
  • The mesh undergoes a special process of molecular orientation of the threads in both directions
  • Mesh: 18 × 25 mm


  • It resists bird excretions and saline corrosion
  • It does not rust and is resistant to any weather condition
  • Light, flexible and resistant
  • Uv treated, It keeps colour and features unchanged over time
  • Rolls are light and easy to handle
  • Easy to install

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18mm x 25mm

Roll measures (m)

1m x 100m, 1,5m x 100m, 2m x 100m, 3m x 100m, 4,6m x 100m