Multi-purpose anti-mole mesh AVIARY

Multi-purpose anti-mole mesh

Multi-purpose and resistant plastic nets
The AVIARY mesh is easy to shape and heavy-duty. Thanks to its unique production process, it is highly tear resistant, flexible and light

It is not damaged by contact with the ground and effectively protects crops. Moreover, it resists bird excretions and saline corrosion and can be used to build chicken runs, cages for small birds, enclosures for small domestic animals, and to cover chicken coops, to fence vegetable gardens and cover little ponds.

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AVIARY polypropylene mesh is used for different applications:

  • Effectively prevent moles from digging into the soil and damaging crops.
  • It is ideal for creating aviaries for small birds
  • It is ideal for creating enclosures for small pets
  • Ideal for covering chicken coops
  • Suitable for the delimitation of vegetable gardens
  • Suitable for covering small ponds during the bad season


  • Produced from polypropylene
  • The mesh undergoes a special process of molecular orientation of the threads in both directions
  • UV treated
  • Mesh: 16×19 mm


  • Light yet highly resistant
  • It resists bird excretions and saline corrosion
  • Flexible, versatile and easy to install
  • Effective anti-mole method that does not harm animals
  • Rolls are light and easy to handle
  • Easy to install

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16mm x 19mm

Roll measures (m)

1m x 200m, 1,5m x 200m, 2m x 200m, 4m x 200m